Best make-out songs

It’s no surprise that there is a connection between what goes on between the eardrums and what goes on between the sheets.  We all know that the right sounds can really set the mood for the rest of the night. There are certain songs that everyone has on their ‘getting lucky’ playlist and it’s unlikely that anyone but those who are listening to it get to find out what those songs are. For a change of pace, here are a few of the songs that people in Ottawa might have on their ‘making-out’ playlist.

  • Kings of Leon – Sex on fire: Everywhere you look these days celebrities are showing up at Kings of Leon concerts and are always getting caught making out to their songs. On more than one occasion Gossip Girl and Twilight couples (GG: Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr and T: Kristen Stweart and Robert Pattison) have been caught at a show in the throws of a passionate kiss or two. According to, other celebrities have included Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes, Orlando Bloom and Justine Timberlake, who celebrated his 30th birthday at a show last year. This is definitely a bandwagon upon which you want to jump.

    These two were listening to John Mayer's Your Body is a Wonderland.

  • The Beatles – I want to hold your hand: It’s a classic. You can’t go wrong with The Beatles. A popular song in it’s own right, possibly made even more popular still by  2007’s full length film Across the Universe which was based on the songs by The Beatles. This adaptation lends a new perspective to the classic through the vocal stylings of T.V. Caprio who Played Prudence, a young lesbian on a path to self-discovery in the film. This take on the classic sheds new light on the lyrics that are so simple and straight to the point. Lyrics like “…And please, say to me/You’ll let me hold your hand/I’ll let me hold your hand/I wanna hold your hand/And when I touch you I feel happy Inside/It’s such a feeling that my love/I can’t hide..” When you listen to this song you won’t want to hide your feelings either.
  • The Spill Canvas – Connect the dots: It’s a song about taking care of the person you care about the most and making them feel special.. inside and out. The lyrics speak for themselves. “If your feet hurt from walking too much/then I will tend to them, with a velvet touch./If your lungs just don’t want to work today/then I’ll perform a mouth to mouth until you’re okay./Don’t you just love the feeling of my fingertips,circling your lips/Don’t you just love the desire taking hold of you, I can tell you do./I know all your favorite spots,and tonight we will connect the dots.” Honestly, you couldn’t ask for better lyrics to get your grove on to, now could you?
  • John Mayer – Your body is a wonderland: Soulful, sensual, and pleasing to the eye, it’s no surprise that John Mayer’s voice is just as attention grabbing. This song is playful and catchy and it’s a heartfelt love song. How can you not want to lock lips with your lover and never let go when John Mayer is saying your body is a place of wonder and to be discovered. This song makes you want to take every inch of each other in and discover all the ins and outs of the other person and find out what makes them tick. With sultry lyrics and a sexy voice, I dare you not to give into the song and all you desires.
  • Hedley – Sweater Song: This song is all about deep feelings for another person and how badly you wish they were near you all the time, even though a lot of time is spent apart. It’s about a lover leaving for a prolonged period of time and how the keep each other close, the lovers exchange a t-shirt and a sweater to remember each other. When the time apart comes to an end, the lovers reunite and can’t wait to get their hands on the other person, forget the tee and sweater and just ravish each other. If this song doesn’t get you in the mood to take your partner in your arms and never let go, then nothing will.

These are of course just a few songs that seem to pop up on many people’s make-out song’s list. Everybody has their own tastes and turn-ons but maybe these will get you started and hopefully your own songs can help you finish what you started.


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