Your Favorite Ex

Originally posted at ( SLR-GIRL ) on April 30, 2009

Boston, Massachusetts, USA – home of the Red Sox and Fenway Park, Faneuil Hall, Boston Duck Tours, the best canolies that I have ever had…and local band Your Favorite Ex!

Currently all calling Boston home, Your Favorite Ex is a rock/pop-punk outlet featuring Chris Mitchell on vocals and guitar, Anthony Sharamitaro on guitar, Jay Donovan on bass, and Leo Teran drums. Reminiscent of Brand New or the Spill Canvas with a sound that can only be described as emotionally connected and cohesively well versed, it’s hard to imagine that YFX have only been a complete band for less than a month! Already with a page and music on’s Soundtrack, working their way up the charts, YFX is for sure on the right path to where they want to be, at the top of everyone’s playlists!

Despite the band’s young age as a cohesive unit, it’s members are no stranger’s to music. Originally handed down a guitar from his father, Chris started signing to songs on the radio in his teens years and eventually taught himself to play his guitar and began to put two and two together, creating the talent that he is today. Anthony on the other hand, didn’t even know what a guitar was until he saw Tom DeLonge playing on the music video for All the Small Things by Blink 182, but that hasn’t stopped him from getting to where he is now.

“When I was thirteen, I remember flipping through the channel’s on TV and landing on MTV, only to find something that would eventually kickoff a path to my future: Blink 182 dancing around in their All the Small Things video,” said Sharamitaro

The other two members of the band, and most recent additions, follow along the same path. Jay, who is currently enrolled at Northeastern University in Boston, was quick to pick up bass some guitar and was eager to join the band. Teran,as Sharamitaro puts it “always had a passion for music (even when he was young) and began his musical intake as a multi-instrumentalist, but he always had a bigger passion for drums.”

Moving from his hometown of Miami, Fl. to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music, it’s no wonder that Teran found his way into a band on the up and up.

All members of YFX see themselves going far in this industry ultimately plan on making a go of YFX as their careers. Nothing is ever set in stone, but with a highly fan-anticipated release of their EP in August 2009, the band is off to a great start! As an anonymous fan once put it, “[These] guys are the next generation of music of this generation’s music – YFX IS this {music} industry’s future.”

Hopefully YFX can give their fans, new and old, the impression of happiness that the band wants to impress upon it’s listeners on a regular basis. As far as fans are concerned, the greatest moments that the band has had over the past year are all about the fans, especially signing autographs.

“I mean, it’s sounds so cheesy, but all of the people who come up to us and ask for them are 100% dead serious. Being able to hook onto well-known venues in the short time we’ve been a band… it’s just such a great feeling to know we’re providing a form of entertainment in musical form that is actually being enjoyed. It makes us smile and want to keep making music forever,” said Sharamitaro.

Note to all blog readers: please check these guys out, you won’t be disappointed!!


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