Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is supposed to a holiday to celebrate the love you have for another person. It’s a time to break out all the romantic ideas that you have been hiding in your back pocket. But what happens when Valentine’s Day falls on a day of the week that may be rather inconvenient for most? Do you still try to make plans and celebrate? Or do you post pone the celebrations for another time or even just forgo them altogether?

For many people it seems that this year was the year to post pone celebrations or even  just forget about them altogether since Valentine’s Day happened to fall on a Monday. Many people were working or in class and therefore Valentine’s Day was not a priority for them.

For Darlene Kwan, an Algonquin Colllege student, Valentine’s Day was just another average day at school.

“I went to school and then I went to work,” said Kwan. “But I would have liked have spent more time with my boyfriend for sure.”

For other people, Valentine’s Day is just another day. In fact, some people even avoid Valentine’s Day plans since they can go out and spend time with their loved ones any other day or night of the year and don’t need a certain day to tell them to make those around them feel special.

For Maryanne Murphy,  she was more then happen to forgo Valentine’s Day specific plans with her husband.

“We did absolutely nothing [for Valentine’s Day] and that was fine with me, ” said Murphy. ” I told my husband that we  can go out for dinner another time becuase I find that Valentine’s Day the prices are inflated a lot of times they  change the menu or have a select menu and we have been disappointed in the past.”

Murphy said this upcoming weekend, perhaps her and her husband would go out to a show  and maybe do dinner another time.

No matter what your Valentine’s Day plans were,  the most important thing to remember is that there are 364 other days in the year to make those around you feel special and it doesn’t have to take a designated holidays in the calendar year to make those feelings known.


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