Back in Alberta.. for now.

So I’ve been back in Alberta for just over a week now and it’s been really hard in some ways and in others ways it’s been kinda nice.

I suppose I’ll start off with the good stuff because that’s less complicated to explain. Basically it’s been nice to see all my friends in the Athabasca area again and it’s been nice to be able to sleep in also. That’s about it. Don’t get me wrong, I really think the town I currently live in is beautiful and quaint, but I’m so just ready for a change in so many ways.

Which brings me to the hard stuff.

Since I’ve been back I’ve had to deal with someΒ  issues including getting a cold (again) and some emergency dental work. I somehow managed to break my tooth on a piece of bread with cream cheese on it, and it wasn’t even toasted! I have to go to a specialist in Edmonton in two weeks to get it totally repaired so until then I’m basically on a soft food/liquid diet so I don’t damage it more. The cold doesn’t help either because my head hurts from the blocked sinuses and from the tooth ache. 😦 Just my luck I suppose. It’s not all bad though.. at least the “I can’t really eat anything solid” diet will be good for fitting into my bridesmaid’s dress and actually being able to breathe πŸ˜›

On the work related side, I’ve still been trying hard to connect and make my way to Vancouver as soon as possible. It’s been really hard though because being back in the small town with nothing to do and nowhere to go, I feel unproductive because I end up sitting at my dinning room table in my PJ’s most days while trying to do the work. At least when I was in the city I could take my laptop and head to one of the many local coffee shops and get some work done there. That was nice because it demanded that I get up and get dressed. Here, most days I don’t really want to unless I have something specific to do because I have nowhere to go and just sit to get things done, other than my dinning room table. It’s hard to keep focused when other things are so distracting and I don’t have a Starbucks of a Blenz by my side πŸ˜›Β  I know I have to get it all done and keep applying and tweaking my resume and my cover letters to help land me the best job possible, but it has also been hard to focus with the head cold. I hate being sick 😦 Bottom line is I’m trying super hard to get to where I want to be though and even if I don’t feel as productive as I did in Vancouver,Ii know I’m not twiddling my thumbs either. πŸ™‚

The good news is that even tough I haven’t landed a permanent paid position, I’ve been given the opportunity to start doing some volunteer/freelance work for the Vancouver Weekly. I know it’s not all paid, but the nice part is I can do things like album/movie/book reviews remotely while I’m still in Alberta, and it gets my name out there in the area of journalism that I really enjoy. Writing for them means I have the chance to be published in Vancouver and have people start to read and recognize my work. It’s something small but it’s still something and the guys who run it seem really cool so I’m pretty excited ! πŸ™‚

Putting myself out there in terms of writing isn’t the only thing I’m trying to do right now. I’ve been back on the online dating sites in hopes of potentially meeting someone who I can connect with in Vancouver before I move. This way I can try to make new friends and meet new people and maybe I’ll get a connection or a spark along the way. Who knows, right? But it does feel nice to be letting the universe know I’m open.

I guess that wraps things up. I just have to keep reminding myself that I’m only back in Alberta.. for now. πŸ™‚


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