Settling a life unsettled

Three and a half months have passed since my last post. I realize this means it’s definitely time for not only a new post, but an overhaul in my blog regime. I’ve been thinking constantly about things to write about but I haven’t done it for a few reasons but namely time, energy, and desire. My life has been pretty unsettled over the past couple of months and I think that it’s finally going to start calming down a bit… or at least I hope so. That’s the life plan at the moment: settling a life unsettled.

Without going into every detail of every day/week/month  since I last wrote, a brief synopsis is definitely called for.

After I returned to Alberta in April a few things happened:

A) I officially decided that Vancouver was where I wanted to be and began the packing process and arrangements for my move. This meant packing up ALL my stuff, finding a moving company that I like for all my stuff, and discussing travel plans with my mom who insisted on coming out and helping me trek across the Rockies and move into a new place in Vancouver.

I am grateful and appreciative that she wanted and was able to do that because we never got that chance when I went to university because I never went away for school. It was just a lot all at once and overwhelming at times, but we had a lot of fun along the way, even if some days there were a few tiffs between us. I love my mom a lot and I’ll always have those 2.5 weeks and now that it’s all done, I only have good memories of the time spent together. Well 90 percent good memories:P Love you mom! ❤

B) I put even more serious effort into the job search process with a focus on anything and everything anywhere in the greater Vancouver area.

C) I also put a major focus on planning my friend’s bachlorette for just before her wedding, for which I was a bridesmaid for. I also helped her finish off some last minute details of the wedding prep.

D) Prior to me moving further west, my former roommate left and went back home about a month before I did and a new roommate moved in shortly after…very stressful but the new guy is pretty chill, so that was good.

E) Probably the biggest issue to tackle though was the fact that I broke my tooth… on a piece of bread with cream cheese:( Yeah I’m THAT person. In all fairness I had broken the same tooth about 13 or 14 years ago but had braces at the time so it didn’t crack all the way through, I wasn’t so lucky this time around. It’s a huge process to get it fixed, but it meant that in the midst of everything else chaotic going on, I had to schedule multiple appointments and find a dental specialist in Edmonton (closest city to where I was) and then Vancouver. It’s not necessarily painful or anything,more annoying and a lengthy process to make it right.

And this was all before the end of June. Oh! and I returned back to Vancouver for another week in June to both continue the job search in person and be here for my friend Jer’s bday. I think that covers basically almost up until the end of June.

So June 22 rolls around, it’s the bachlorette, and that’s when things got really crazy! It was a fun-filled but fast-paced weekend. Burlesque dance lessons, potter painting, dinner, clubbing, staying out till 5:30 am, and that was just one day. By the time we got back to Athabasca we were all exhausted to say the least. But it was well worth it and my friend had a great time:) Then came the final dress fittings and so that meant I was driving back and forth to Cold Lake where my friend had just moved to for her husband’s new job. So a 3-hour drive each way,and once just for an overnight thing.

By now we are approaching July 13, the wedding date. I had to have everything packed up and ready to go before I left for the wedding. I drove back to Cold Lake for July 11 ( three hours). drove all around Cold Lake all weekend for wedding stuff as I was running errands and n the day I was one of the designated wedding party drivers (approx another three to four hours worth of driving). Partied until 2 or 3 a.m. on Saturday and then Sunday, July 14 I left Cold Lake and drove 4.5 hours to Edmonton to pick up my mom at the airport, followed by another 2-hour drive back to Athabasca. This was just the beginning of my epic driving.

We are up to July 15 now when the movers came first thing in the morning… like really first thing. They packed up my stuff and we were on the road before 11 a.m. and drove almost six hours to Jasper. Spent the night in Jasper and then the next day we went horse backing riding, something I have wanted to do with my mom for a long time, and we saw a big canyon and drove up to Jasper Park Lodge. It was really beautiful. The next morning, Wednesday, July 17,we left Jasper and drove to Lake Louise followed by Golden, B.C. and Kelowna, B.C. where we stopped and did an amazing winery/vineyard tour at Mission Hill Vineyards! It was spectacular! By Friday Afternoon we were in Vancouver. By Friday night we were sleeping soundlessly on an Aero bed on the floor of my new apartment.

Saturday, July 20 arrives and we are off to the dentist for a consultation. After that, it was a lot of unpacking, building Ikea furniture and going to Ikea a few times in the next week. Despite all the stuff we were doing to get me settled, we still managed to make a day trip out to Victoria to see my cousin for dinner, whom I haven’t seen in like five years. And we saw the Buchard gardens which were breath-taking! We also got to go see some old family friends in West Vancouver, explore Stanley park a bit, see the aquarium, and find a great mall near me.

Since she left, I’ve been back to the grind, job searching heavily through in-person resume submissions for retail positions and through online job applications. I have to also get my insurance done and transferred which means an out-of-province check on my car is required and I’m aiming to get t done before the end of the  week. Now, my focus is finding a job to be able to pay for this adorable apartment ASAP! I can only hope that I find something by the end of the month, that would be ideal. I just hope things come together now that I’m officially here:)

While I wait for my life to take shape, I at least know I have the support of my friends and family behind me – even if it’s not what my family all want for me and have made that clear, I know they still just want me to be happy. And I already have a house guest set to arrive next week so I’m very excited to show her around too while I also discover new things in my own community:D

Fingers crossed for nothing but good things to come!And more updates regularly, especially so they aren’t this long…promise!


P.S. My thoughts and Prayers are with the Huots back home in Ottawa who are going through a lot lately. Love you J, B, H, and C!! ❤