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It seems like everywhere you look these days, the streets are lined with garbage bins that have been modified to accommodate recyclable paper and plastics and glass. It’s a fantastic idea and I think there should be one of them every two blocks at least. I think the more people see the close to each other, the less likely they are to throw a piece of trash on the ground and will more likely be willing to hold on to it until the next depository station. This seems like a logical response to the overwhelming compulsion these days with a greener, cleaner world. Ultimately, this desire for a pollution free, or as close to it as possible, world is better for everyone everywhere. It seems that the younger generations are picking up on this idea more and more every day and will hopefully make better decisions for the future and veer away from the mistakes of the past.  If this is the case, then why is it that there are still so many beautiful green spaces that are covered with litter?

I recently walked by a local skate park that is constantly filled with kids of all ages. It’s a place to congregate and express themselves through the sports of skateboarding and extreme biking. It’s a place where youth can get together and do something productive with their time instead of being on the street and doing things that could lead down the dark side of the path. This is a great place to go and watch young kids enjoying their time, practicing their craft and not discriminating against ages or gender. All are welcome. What’s disturbing, however, is the fact that despite the multitudes of youth and the gathering of young minds, there is still so much garbage on the surrounding grassy areas.

I can’t understand how on one hand everyone is commenting about how much the youth of today are willing to get involved and make the world a better place, but on the other hand, where so many people gather on a near daily basis how come there is such a mess around them? It’s not there aren’t trash bins provided at the park, or even elsewhere close by. In fact there are two on the park premises alone and various others on surrounding properties such as the bus station, local theater and library, and government buildings. Not only are there many trash bins provided, but there are also quite a few recyclable bins as well. It’s a sad sight to see the area in such dire straits.

What really got me started on this was the fact that as I was walking down the path, no more than 20 feet from the park, I noticed Starbust Candy wrappers tossed so casually along the trail. Every few steps there were other individual wrapper until finally the larger wrapper that contained them all was discarded on the ground. As I approached the park, I noticed the vast amounts of garbage that hadn’t found its way into a bin either on the grass surrounded the cement park. This bothered me so much because I can’t understand why someone wouldn’t hold on to the wrapper or the various other items a few more feet until the trash bin, which was clearly visible, was within range to dispose of the garbage.

I think for all the good that young people are doing  for the world at large, it seem like they are forgetting to take care of the places that the venture on a daily basis. I think they need a reminder that changes start at home. Maybe this week or next week I’ll go out there myself and see what I can do to clean it up. Although I am not a skater myself, I live in the area too and I deserve a cleaner, greener space. Maybe someone will notice and offer to help out, and then we’ll really get the ball rolling!