Making new friends and exploring the city life again.

So it’s been a few days since I arrived in Vancouver and I have to tell you, it’s been a blast thus far! In the past three days I’ve not only walked what feels like a million miles and my feet hurt so much:(, but I’ve also met some really interesting and awesome people and have had a chance to get together with some old friends. So far I have yet to be disappointed by what Vancouver might have to offer me.

I started off this adventure with a night wandering around the Cambie area and re-discovering the vibrancy that city living means. The next day I was up bright and early and I hit the road running. I found my way down West Broadway to a local Staples where I had a bunch of resumes printed and invested in some personal business cards because I knew I’d be handing out as many as I could that evening at the first annual Social Media Awards (#SMA2013) . Before I could venture down to the amazing Roundhouse Community Centre for the #SMA2013, I began my job hunt by handing out multiple resumes in person to various  local entertainment and lifestyle publications and one Public Relations firm as well.

Throughout the day I met some really lovely people including a woman named Naz at a Royal Bank of Canada branch whom I later ran into at Starbucks and offered to buy me my desired coffee beverage. She was very sweet and I’m thankful for the delicious caffeine.  This was just one of the delightful encounters I made on my journey. Not too long after I met a British gent named Ed who offered to help guide me in the right direction for Granville Island, given that he was heading that way himself. We spoke for a few minutes on the short journey and in case he sees this, I just want to wish him luck and happiness in his retirement plans from his electrical company and thank him again for helping me find my destination. Thanks Naz and Ed, you both made my day!

Once I found my footing on Granville Island, I meandered through the streets seeing the little shops and buskers performing outside. As my stomach began to growl louder, I found myself sitting down at a place called Edible Canada At The Market. It was suggested to me that I indulge in the lunch bowl of coconut and red curry seafood soup, which I devoured due to its deliciousness! It was most definitely awesome! Not too long after I was making my way back to my hotel to rest-up and change before attending the #SMA2013.

When it was time to head to the Roundhouse Community Centre, I found myself in a nervous folie from excitement and anticipation. I arrive early to check the place out and I got to meet Diana and Orane, one of the organizers and a volunteer from the evening’s festivities, who were super sweet and helped point me in the right direction of the key players of the evening. Throughout the evening I met upwards of at least 20 different people from various areas in marketing, communications and social media entrepreneurs. I found myself most definitely in the right place at the right time! Following the awards ceremony, I made my way down to the after party  @HurricaneGrill to enjoy some appetizers and meet some other folks. In the end I spent most of my day smiling, shaking hands, and pitching myself to people, only to have an evening followed by the same scenarios…which was exactly what I wanted! I had a great time at the #SMA2013 and all in all it was a successful and entertaining evening and I hope that I made not only made some great contacts for potential work, but also some new people to call friends from here on out.

With the #SMA2013 ending so late on Thursday, I took the morning off on Friday and slept in. After finally heading out of my hotel room, I found a local coffee shop down the street and proceeded to send out some follow-up emails for people I had met the night before in hopes that I might be able to set up a more formal meeting with any of them while I’m still in the Vancouver area or that they might be able to keep me in mind if they hear something come up. Bottom line, we’ll see what happens.

What made Friday a fabulous day however, was the evening of great food, great laughter, and most definitely great company! Friday evening lent itself to a belated Passover Seder at my friend Jeremie’s apartment in the West End of Vancouver. His parents and sister from back home in Ottawa were in town for the long weekend so I had the chance to see them again too, which was really nice. We had a traditional Seder in a modern way, with adoptive family for everyone all around. Though Jer’s real family was in town, my friends have always been what I like to call my “adoptive family” and I’m thankful that, even though I wasn’t able to be home with my parents, grandparents, and brother for Passover this year, at least I was able to share the table with my other family. That being said, I do miss my real family a lot and I only wish I could have had it both ways.

The boys of the evening! (l-r) Steven, Lars, Jeremie, Charlie, Alex and Josh.

The boys of the evening! (l-r) Steven, Lars, Jeremie, Charlie, Alex and Josh.

In addition to seeing Helene, Brig, and Charlie, through Jeremie’s guest list I was also able to reconnect with some old friends Andrea and Jess whom I haven’t seen in years! It was sooooo nice to see everyone and  it’s exciting to know that if and when I make the move out to Vancouver that I’ll be able to start to get to know these lovely ladies again and hopefully hang out more! The evening wasn’t just about seeing old friends, however, but also connecting with new ones. During the course of the evening, I was also given the chance to meet Steven, Alex, Lars, Leah, and Josh – friend’s of Jeremie and Jess’s boyfriend (Josh). I’m so happy to have met everyone and it was such a fantastic evening! I’d for sure like to hang out with all these people a lot more in the future! Everyone was sooo amazing! I had such a great time! So thank you to everyone in attendance who made the evening a success and brought me lots of happiness!

Ok, So jeremie's photography skills have left something to be desired (it's blurry Jer :P) but here are the lovely ladies from the Seder. Back row (l-r) myself, Brig, Leah. Front row (l-r) Helene, Andrea, Jess.

Ok, So Jeremie’s photography skills have left something to be desired (it’s blurry Jer :P) but here are the lovely ladies from the Seder. Back row (l-r) myself, Brig, Leah. Front row (l-r) Helene, Andrea, Jess.

As for today, I had plans to go see an old family friend but we had to shift things around so I’ll be seeing him and his family on Monday now (meeting the wife and new baby… yay baby therapy!). Given that’s it’s the weekend I intend to head back out on the town and maybe hit up the Gastown area and see what that’s all about! I’ve been told I need to try some seafood in the area.

Hope everyone is having a good long weekend, a Happy Passover and a Happy Easter too!

Peace out. ❤