Dashing through the snow…

Jack Frost has finally come to town!

I can’t tell you how much I love winter. Most people in Canada are split. You either love it or you hate it. Personally, I can’t understand why anyone would hate it.

Lately, it’s been snowing for days on end and I can’t get enough of it. I love how the snow settles on the trees and how it glistens in the sun.  I love how on a warmer day when the snow is falling it just has this magical feeling in the air. But most of all, I love what winter means to me.

Of course there is the annoying aspects of it like scrapping off your car and the occasional treacherous driving conditions, but I like to think of all the positive things that winter brings. For me winter is all about homey comfort foods, big sweaters, and of course winter sports.

Having been raised in a fairly athletic family, I have grown up learning to love winter activities. I love to skate, ski, hike, snowshoes, cross-country ski, and of course toboggan. It’s a part of winter that bring so much joy to so many people who make the effort the put on a few extra layers just to have some fun in the snow. For me winter in Canada is a lifestyle. It’s a part of who I am and a part of what I love. It doesn’t hurt that it’s my birthday season either, but mostly I just love to gear up, snap into my skis and hit a few runs on a hill, especially when it’s snowing. To me that is the epitome of winter – slightly warmer, less windy, but snowy days.

When I’m not hitting the ski hills, I can be found in the kitchen whipping together hearty meals. I love to make stews and soups and casseroles.. especially now that I bought some new casserole dishes!:) There is just something about eating an inviting hot bowl of homemade chicken soup or a big plate of lasagna or homemade Mac and Cheese. Helps to keep everyone warm and our of the cold when you got a deliciously fattening meal in the oven!It’s a nice feeling to be able to make a delicious meal and to be able to share it with good friends and have a few good laughs in the process.

Speaking of laughs, winter is a great time to catch up on all those movies I might have missed during the busy summer months. It’s a perfect time to grab some hot chocolate and my favourite blanket and curl up on the couch alone or with friends and watch a few good movies. Winter is a time to appreciate each other company even more because most likely you aren’t going outside as much so it’s good to keep people close, watch a few movies, and maybe play a board game or two. It’s not just about the hot chocolate either. Winter means ciders and spices in drinks too. Can’t you just picture yourself drinking a hot cranberry or mulberry cider with cinnamon sticks in your favourite mug while you watch the snow fall down?

In the end, people in Canada are lucky because we get a wide range of seasons and even though it might be cold and the roads might be rougher to drive on, winter is such a big part of Canadian living that it’s almost hard not to take it for granted sometimes. So this winter season, I hope everyone gets out their favorites recipes, invites some friends over, and gets outside every once in a while so they too can enjoy a wonderful winter season!